Trustroots Angular Directives

Note that we are moving to React so you should always prefer to make React Components instead of new Angular directives.

Always prefix directive with “tr”, eg. /modules/users/client/directives/tr-avatar.client.directive.js. Place directive views under module’s /views/ folder, for example /modules/users/client/views/directives/tr-monkeybox.client.view.html.


User’s avatar. Links to user’s profile.


<div tr-avatar data-username="username"></div>


A big panel with username, avatar and other info about user. Links to user’s profile. Pass user object for it.


<div tr-monkeybox data-user="user"></div>


Location input with suggestions.


<div tr-location data-location="model"></div>

Flash Messages

Show success/error flash messages. Remember to add messageCenterService to your controller requirements.


messageCenterService.add('success', 'Great success!!', { timeout: flashTimeout });

You can use other message types:

flashTimeout is defined at settings service and is currently 6 seconds. For long messages or errors you might want to put something like 10-15 seconds.

If you don’t define timeout, message will stay there until next $state change and user can dismiss it by clicking small X icon in it.

See message-center for more info.