OK, so you’ve read the [[dev Development]] page, you’re running the code locally, and now you’re ready to dive into the code. Wonderful. Welcome.


Trustroots was built on MEAN. MEAN isn’t active anymore so it’s better not to rely too much on their documentation. Here’s a few general pointers to get started:

Also note that as of 2018Q4 we’re moving to [React](. See also https://github.com/Trustroots/trustroots/labels/React


You might want to read the folder structure to get a handle on how things are laid out. A quick summary:

Get stuck in

Easy issues are a great place to start. These should be issues which are fairly easily fixable. Hopefully with the folder layout above, and a little diving into the code, you should be able to find and fix one or two of these issues. If you’re just starting out with the code, these are a great way to contribute something really useful very quickly.

If you feel like checking out some docs before diving in, we recommend getting familiar especially with AngularJS as it intends to have steep learning curve.

Adding more significant features, major refactoring, and so on are typically handled by more experienced developers in the team. Don’t forget to jump on #trustroots on freenode to say hola, and hit us up there or in the issues if you have any questions. Thanks for helping out, we really appreciate it.

PS. You can also contact Mikael and he’ll walk you in to the project.